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Tommy Mommy

“Mama, I have to go PEE-EE-EE!” my son announced at the top of his lungs. He was on the cusp of four, and every trip to the loo was deemed worthy of broadcast with the same volume and intensity as … Continue reading

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Mama Daddy

My three-year old was splashing in the tub, playing with his new “Sea & Learn” bath shapes, gleefully counting all the good things that come in twos.  He’d started with the bath toys, pairs of letters and numbers and sea … Continue reading

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Boob Shirt

“Okay, this week we’re doing a C-section simulation,” the instructor cheerfully announced to our prenatal class. Amanda and I exchanged a look, as did the other couples in the room – simulating labour had been one thing, but an actual … Continue reading

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Papa Bear

It started with one of those Berenstain Bears books, The Bears’ Christmas – an old-school one from my own childhood in the early 70s, before the advent of feminism and the introduction of the young she-bears, Sister and Honey Bear. … Continue reading

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Wrinkle Cream

We were out shopping for maternity clothes, the third time in the space of a week. It was early in my second trimester and I was already beginning to show. I’d dragged Amanda along with me yet again because I … Continue reading

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